ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Your product may be the most quality product of the world, your service may be perfect, but if your customers don’t take these services on time with appropriate standard, they will change their preferences.

An effective quality management targets to gain consistent satisfaction which can be applied flexible and easily. The effectiveness of the Management System does not only depend on capabilities of the people, it also depends on how it is used.

It should not be forgotten that; sources are managed, not work. Effective and efficient utilization of human and material sources in line with company goals and targets will give you way to be a systematic and corporate company.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard is a standard meeting customer expectations and requirements in each process from the production of the product or service delivery to the ground the costumer reached.

With the establishment of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, you take first step to create and improve the working principles in your organization.

If your organization is entitled to receive ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate, it is the warranty that your quality is under warranty.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

It is an international standardization organization, which was formed in 1947 by the participations of international standardization organizations of 140 countries and it provides contribution to industry, trade and consumers as a result of its standardization works.

  • MIL/Q/9858 in 1963(in defense technology, in the USA)
  • AQAP Standard in 1968(in countries which are the member of NATO)
  • BS 5750 in 1979(in England)
  • ISO 9000 Series in 1987(by ISO)
  • EN 29000 Standards in 1988(by CEN)
  • As TS 6000 Quality Assurance System Standard in 1988
  • TS-EN-ISO 9000 in 1991
  • Revised by ISO in 1994(9001:1994 / 9002:1994 /9003:1994)
  • EN 29000 series as EN-ISO 9000 in 1996
  • Revised by ISO in 2000 and 2008 and published as 9001:2008
  • It provides prestige in the sector
  • It is a fundamental step for the companies which want to be institutionalized
  • By regulating the structure of the organization, it increases the confidence and satisfaction of the employees.
  • It is a tool of sales and marketing.
  • It provides quick and efficient working by making the processes systematic.
  • It increases the profitability by reducing the product and service cost.
  • By organizing relations between costumers, it increases the customer satisfaction

PROCESS: It is the team of interactive activities or activities related to each other transforming inputs into outputs.

PRODUCT: It is a result of a process.

SYSTEM: It is a team of interactive elements or elements related to each other.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: The establishment of the policies and targets, achievement system of these targets.

QUALITY POLICY: All targets and managements related to quality defined officially by the management of the organization.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Activities coordinated in order to control and management for the subject of quality of the organization.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Activity repeated in order to increase the ability of fulfilling conditions.

EFFICIENCY: Relation between obtained results and resources used.