ISO 27001 Information Security Management System



Information Security Management System; protects the current information from possible danger. Information can be found in many ways (on the paper, in electronic environment). Information shall be protected always.

Confidentiality: To guaranty that the information can only be reached by authorized persons.

Integrity: Procuring the information and validity of processing methods and integration.

Availability: To guaranty that the authorized person can reach necessary information and related sources.

Information security is provided via many ways like politics, applications, methods, organizational structures and software functions. These audits shall be established in order to guaranty to meet the security aims of the institution.


Benefits of ISO 27001-2005 Information Security Management System

  • Provides the continuity of the work
  • Gains the trust of the customer.
  • Legal legislations are complied.
  • Protecting the information security, safety, legal responsibilities and commercial image is provided.
  • It protects the information systems and Networks from dangers like spying, sabotage, fire and flood.