Neutrality Commitment

tarafsizlik-taahhuduObjectivity Commitment

TRB International Certification and Observation Technical Control Commerce Ltd Şti has been registered on 21 June 2004 with the 114144 register no; this subject has been announced in the 6080 numbered commercial registry gazette on 28 June 2004 in the 369 and 370 pages. It is a limited company being active in ANKARA with a legal entity.

In the TRB System Certification activities; a neutral and independent structure has been established away from every kind of commercial, financial, administrative and other pressures. This structure is under the guaranty of TRB management. Giving, maintaining, renewing the certification, its scope, enlarging and shortening it, suspending and withdrawal responsibilities belong to the TRB management. The decisions and works of the staff, committees, auditors and technical experts playing a role in the system certification works realized on behalf of TRB cannot be effected by any person or institution.

The wages of all staff are evaluated independently from the wages taken from the system certification services. System certification activities are realized on the national and international Standard basis by educated, expert, respectful, experienced and skilled staff by taking into account independence, objectivity, reliability, fastness and confidentiality principles.

TRB certification guarantees, commits and procures that the policies about the institution are realized, policies and procedures are applied, financial charges are provided, management system certification services and plans are developed, observations and certifications are done, complaints are answered, certification decisions, giving authority to persons or committees in order to realize activities, making agreements based on the contract providing appropriate sources for certification activities. TRB has established the related authority hierarchy in the legal entity framework.
The importance of confidentiality, independence and objectivity in doing management system certification activities within TRB has been understood, the aspects which can cause conflict of interest are being controlled and managed and so the objectivity of the management system certification activities are guaranteed.
In the framework of one or more services presented by our institution, the situations which can cause conflict of interest with our institution are analyzed and if such a situation exists, certification service is not given.

All sources required in order to carry out the management system certification services in the framework of ISO/IEC 17021:2011 and related guides, providing continuous satisfaction and holding complaints at the lowest level, training about management systems shall be given to the staff working in the management system certification activities.